The invasion of the beta sites

BETA. It used to be just a Greek letter or a code name for programmers and geeks; today is a corporate status-symbol and is recognized by most people.

Every website and web-service seems to be released in beta in the Web 2.0 world; that is not such a bad thing, except that the beta status sometimes lingers for years. I decided to call this "the invasion of the beta-sites".

The little "BETA" icon is popping up everywhere next to brand names and company logos. The combination of the old "TM" (Trademark) and the new "BETA" is now a must-have around catchy and colorful free-service names ending in .COM.

Perhaps this period will be remembered as the era of the .BETACOMs that followed the crash of the .COMs (.ALPHACOMs?).

[Gosh, I love playing with words.]

I decided to start documenting this moment in time and create a little collection of the BETA-LOGOS. I'll add new logos to this collection and republish this post as I go. Please suggest new ones if you know of some that I missed. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get the latest updates.

You'll notice how many of these logos are from Google, which I believe started this beta-site-trend. More and more sites are opening everyday and following the Google example.

NOTE: All the images in this page are owned and trademarked by the respective owners; I publish them here only for historical documentation and as a necessary veichle for commentary and criticism that is the subject of this post.