Wednesday, March 8, 2006

The invasion of the beta sites

BETA. It used to be just a Greek letter or a code name for programmers and geeks; today is a corporate status-symbol and is recognized by most people.

Every website and web-service seems to be released in beta in the Web 2.0 world; that is not such a bad thing, except that the beta status sometimes lingers for years. I decided to call this "the invasion of the beta-sites".

The little "BETA" icon is popping up everywhere next to brand names and company logos. The combination of the old "TM" (Trademark) and the new "BETA" is now a must-have around catchy and colorful free-service names ending in .COM.

Perhaps this period will be remembered as the era of the .BETACOMs that followed the crash of the .COMs (.ALPHACOMs?).

[Gosh, I love playing with words.]

I decided to start documenting this moment in time and create a little collection of the BETA-LOGOS. I'll add new logos to this collection and republish this post as I go. Please suggest new ones if you know of some that I missed. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get the latest updates.

You'll notice how many of these logos are from Google, which I believe started this beta-site-trend. More and more sites are opening everyday and following the Google example.

NOTE: All the images in this page are owned and trademarked by the respective owners; I publish them here only for historical documentation and as a necessary veichle for commentary and criticism that is the subject of this post.


balakumar said...

Very good post... :) but beta helps to test lots of wonderfull ideas... by the user...

Balakumar Muthu

__lp__ said...

balakumar: The concept of beta is good, but today is abused. Some of the sites listed have been in beta for years. Gmail for example was launched in April 2004 and it works pretty darn well. The meaning of "beta" at that point is unclear to me.