UIEvolution's UJML 2.0 !! Technology for everybody to play with!

UIEvolution released a beta of UJML Platform 2.0, the new and improved version of the powerful UJML platform. The best thing is that it's free! You can download it and use it as much as you like!! [for non-commerical purposes]

This is an exciting technology milestone that should please anybody that ever tried to develope and deploy truly cross-platform software targeting any device and any network. Cellular phones, PDA, PCs... you name it.

To give you an idea of what you can do with UJML 2.0 I'll mention that this is the new and improved version of the technology used to develope some of the most exciting titles for mobile available today. Some examples of products developed entirely in UJML are: The Chronicles of Narnia for Mobile, Narnia Chess, Trivial Pursuit, ESPN Bottomline, mobile, Square Enix Excite Fusion, Square Enix Gallery and many others.

Check this out for more screen shots and details.

Also, check my post about the fire simulation algorithm to see an example of UJML written by me in action.

What does Platform 2.0 offers compared to 1.5? There is a long list of features and I reccomend that you download the SDK and try it out. The documentation is pretty good.

My personal favorite 3 additions to this version of the platform:
  1. A completly new IDE with integrated editor and debugger based on the Eclipse platform is the most obvious and noticable change. This makes development alot easier compared to 1.5!! You are also going to love the automatic update feature that will bring to you all the latest and greates additions and fixes.
  2. The major addition in the UJML 2.0 language is the new object model based on the concept of components.
  3. Another important addition to the language is the concept of resizable arrays