A tribute to Ian Norbury

As I wrote in my profile, I love to build things. One of my passions is for sculpture, in particular wood sculpture, or carving in the round. I have alot to learn in that area, and with a demanding job and a family I do not enough time to really dedicate myself to sculpture as much as I'd like.

Regardless, I keep collecting carving tools and I try to carve out some time for my passions (pun intended). From time to time I work on a new piece with a hope that some day I will be able to dedicate more and more time to this art that so much reminds me of my origins.

Anyway, this post is not about me; it is a small tribute to the best wood carver that I know about. His name is Ian Norbury. Visit his website and enjoy. If you are like me, your jaw will drop and you will wonder how a human can possibly make wood look like he does. I think the answer is: hard work and passion. Please, judge for yourself.

Note his Harlequines. Note the different colors. You think they are painted? No, they are individually inlayed wood diamonds! Can you imagine the amount of work required to do that?
Note the smooth surfaces and the proportions of his sculptures, the dynamic of the poses, the perfect marriage between realism and beauty that he is able to extract from raw pieces of wood.

If you want to give somebody a good gift, buy Ian Norbury's book "The Art of Ian Norbury: Sculptures in Wood" (ISBN 1565232224). A wonderful showcase of his art that anybody would love to have on their coffee table.