Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DreamBox Learning Shipped Today!

Today we officially launched DreamBox Learning K-2 Math, a Math Learning Game that is now available to help kids learn, enjoy, and excel at math!

Every day we receive fan mail from parents and teachers who tell us heart-warming success stories of kids playing DreamBox, from struggling learners to advanced achievers. The combination of our individual adaptations, in-depth math curriculum, and game-like adventures is working! We are actually “doing good” for the world! And of course I’ve seen how much my own children like it and learn.

Here is a product tour video! Check it out!

Here are a few ways to help us build the buzz:

• If you have kids in the right age group, please do try DreamBox
• Recommend it to your friends (and earn free months in our invite-a-friend program!)
• Write about it to your local Mom’s group or PTSA group
• Give it as a gift
• Blog about it
• Forward this information to anyone


SueC. said...

Lorenzo - you have made such a valuable contribution to the strength of this product! Thank you -

Federic Noferi said...

MMhhh... Asia at two months is probably too young for this, but it sounds interesting! I should start English lessons as soon as possible!

K2 is equal to...Elementari? Materna?

Bau Bau