Photography Blog

I used to have a separate photography blog on Blogger, but it didn't work well for me because it had no real integration with my main photography site. Different look and feel, hard to link together and required double of the work to maintain.

I ended up using Flickr as a way to publish and describe images as a surrogate for a blogging service in an environment conductive to photographers. That also took a lot of effort because - again - there was little connection between the main photography site and Flickr.

However, last week Zenfolio released a blog service to their line-up. Zenfolio is the company I use to host my photography, and I have been very happy with them. With his new offering I was able to integrate my photography site and my photography blog into one place.

The blogging feature integrates into the site, and is very simple but very effective. It has just the right features for what I need to do, and it comes to not extra cost for the Zenfolio customer. I've been using them for 3 years now, and they keep exceeding my expectations over and over again. A great company, and a great service.