Saturday, December 28, 2013

Page from my Journal: "Pizza in a Jiffy"

Experimenting with different sketching implements on my small Moleskine. On the left a quick sketch I took while I was waiting for Pizza at Red Pepper Pizzeria in Duvall, WA. Done with with a micron 0.05 pen and colored with Tombow markers. The sketchbook moleskine really doesn't like the Tombow markers. Any blending I try to do results in paper flaking off. On the right my first experiments sketching with fountains pens while I was waiting at Jiffy Lube in Duvall, WA. In blue I am using a Lamy Safari pen with an EF nib. Excellent pen, but the ink that came with it is blue (which I do not like) and is not waterproof. Soon to be changed to something waterproof. For the few black words I used a Noodler's Ahab Flex Pen with a non-shellac India ink. The india ink is waterproof but bleeds a bit through the sketchbook moleskine when I apply some pressure on the flex nib (the word FLEX bled through). I really like the Noodler's pen and its flex nib. It is a winner and it is now part of my everywhere sketchbook set. That said, I need to start carrying a watercolor moleskine. The sketchbook one paper is just too thin for heavy inks and marker usage or washes.


Lucia B. said...

Despite the faults of the pens and paper you tried, I really like the final effect!

Lucia B. said...

Espite the faults of the pens and paper you tried, I really like the final effect!

Lorenzo Pasqualis said...

Thank you Lucia!!!! Much appreciated!!