Tuscany, an Unrefined Beauty

Even though I live in the USA, I grew up in Tuscany and I feel very connected to that region of Italy. Growing up there taught me the concepts of what I call: unrefined beauty, orderly disorder, natural synchronicity and time as an artist.

Unrefined beauty is everywhere in Tuscany. It refers to beauty added by imperfections. Walk any little medieval street and you'll find it in every rock, wall, door, window, street, shop and even in the people who blend so perfectly with the environment. Nothing is perfect, but everything is so pleasant to look at. It is the ultimate beauty in the imperfections, charm in the signs of time, profound history that you can feel in every stone and wall as if the energy of the people that were there before was partially absorbed and maintained into their fabric. Just go around and pay attention to the details. Notice the doorknobs, the warned down steps or the accent of the people speaking with the local cadence. Everything works together in a concert of slightly out of tunes instruments that together make a wonderfully rich, unique, charming and enjoyable symphony.

Orderly disorder is also everywhere. No car is parked straight, no line is perfect, nothing appears to be exactly in its place. But everything is. Things, being a bit off balance, end up balancing themselves one against the other and the effect is beautiful. It is a solid balance of forms that, even if perturbed, founds its way back to balance as if it was instructed to do. It is the adjustment of many people focused on the right priorities that makes it possible. In a country where enjoying the moment is important the right amount of order is not perfection. The right amount of order is that solid balance where you can leave things to go enjoy your life, knowing that when you get back they'll still be in the same place.

Natural synchronicity is what I define the harmonious blend of nature and human artifacts. Vines growing in and out of walls and structures. Grass sprouting between old stones. Signs of wear caused by wind and weather. Birds making their home in walls and holes found in human artifacts. It is a blend where nature reclaims a bit of its property, and humans let it happen and enjoy it instead of fighting it at all times. Orderly disorder makes it possible, and nature and humans blend and live together in harmony, like if one was keeping the other in check in a natural synchronicity.

Time as an artist is what I call the constant exposure to art, which makes you an involuntary artist every day. Being exposed to masterpieces of art sculpted in marbles or painted in churches gives you daily time to contemplate the beauty of human creation, the energy expressed in artform and to continue the artistic process where the masters and millions of people before you left it. The artistic process, in fact, continues every time somebody enjoys the sight of a piece of art. It is the inevitable result of the initial artistic creation that adds value to every piece overtime. The more people enjoy an artistic creation, the more value that creation acquires.