By day, I lead engineering teams.

I have been writing code since 1984, and professional since 1986. During my career I worked in a wide variety of environments and industries. My passion and goal is creating quality and relevant software with an important purpose and ship products to substantially benefit the target users.

Architecting software systems and coding is my job and my passion; probably because there is always something to learn, and that makes it very humbling and exciting.

I have used many different languages and frameworks, including C, C++, Java, Ruby, RoR and Perl to name some of the most recent ones.

While I have been mostly coding in Ruby, RoR and Java in the recent few years, I consider myself a low-level developer and I enjoy writing the type of code that is at the core of high performance systems.

I currently work at DreamBox Learning where I am the director of engineering. As an architect I focused much of my attention on the adaptation "brain" of a complex educational product and the server side architecture of their products. DreamBox technology servers help hundreds of thousands students - a number that is growing rapidly - and the DreamBox technology is revolutionizing the world of grade chool math education.

Before DreamBox, I worked at UIEvolution for seven years. UIEvolution is a mobile technology development company that I joined in the very early stages, when it was starting the development of its core technology. There I lead the development of the core technology group, and had the opportunity to architect and build a development environment composed by a language called UJML, a compiler, a debugger and a virtual machine (UIEngine) that runs on a wide variety of mobile and embedded devices including iOS, Brew, MIDP, PalmOS, Windows, Windows Mobile, MacOS, PSP, various set-top boxes, car dashboards, etc.

UJML and the software that I helped build still runs and is going strong. It has made an enormous difference and had a powerful impact for UIEvolution's customers such as Disney, Square Enix and ESPN, just to name a few.

My work history goes back all the way to 1984, when - as a kid - I started writing C and Assembly code.

If you are interested you can find more details on my LinkedIn profile.

In my spare time I spend time with my wife and kids and I enjoy Photography, art and woodworking along with many other things that I won't bore you about.

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