Lorenzo Pasqualis

Born in Italy, living in the USA, capturing images anywhere I am.

The "Why"

I take pictures to capture emotional stories; stories of people, places, objects, buildings, and nature. My artistic mission is to bring those stories to you. My vision gets fulfilled anytime you look at one of my pictures and reconstruct a version - your beautiful version - of the tale it tells.

The Man

I was born and raised in Firenze, Italy, where I spent the first 26 years. I grew up immersed in the beauty of the Tuscan land, surrounded by visual art, and deeply fascinated by the work of the old masters of the renaissance, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, and Michelangelo.

Leonardo, in particular, inspired me by demonstrating that it is possible to excel in both the artistic and engineering fields at the same time. As a result, I studied computer science and became a professional software maker while always working on many forms of art on the side.  

My photography journey is rooted in my passion for art weaved with my engineering mindset. 

The Style

I shoot street photography, landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, people, textures, portraits, and anything that can evoke stories and emotions.

I shoot in color, black and white, and HDR. 

I shoot what catches my eye, and what is going to please the visual senses of the viewer.

The Equipment

Many years ago, I chose Canon as my trusty camera brand, and these days I carry a mirrorless Canon R5 and a collection of RF L Canon lenses.

I recently started to add a Ricoh GR III to the mix for some of my street photography, where it is essential to not pollute the scene by displaying a large camera with a long lens.

I process my photography mostly with Lightroom and Photoshop. My HDR photography is processed using Photomatrix and Aurora HDR, depending on the image. 

Get in Touch

I live in Seattle, Washington, and if you are in the area and you are interested to shoot with me, talk about photography, or modeling for me, drop me a note!!  I am always looking for subjects and photo opportunities.

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